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Energetic Self Care for Women Masterclass and PDF
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Free Online Masterclass on Wednesday, 24 April 2024

10 am PST/1 PM EST/ 19 CET
An introduction to the world of Energy

Give the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you!

In this masterclass, we delve deep into the unseen worlds of the energy and its profound influence on your energy body. Led by Lenka, Ela, and Ying, experienced coaches in energy healing and holistic wellness, this immersive experience is designed to introduce you with the knowledge, tools, and practices to unlock your full energetic potential.

You will learn:

*that you are more than your physical body and rational mind

*essential knowledge on your energy body

*how to honor nature as your kin

*how to nourish your soul and elemental being

*embodying your essence as cyclical being

*tuning into the rhythm of your moon cycle

*energetic self care practices such as presencing and centering yourself

*qigong healing sounds to release stuck emotions

*energetic self care routine as a way to unity

*dance alchemy practice to connect to your inner guides and allies

We have also created a PDF guide, that you will receive at the moment of signing up


In this guide, you will receive:

*Tips for balancing your energy field and emotions

*The fundamental qualities and energies of qigong through the five elements

* Honoring the seasons of your menstrual cycle as a cyclical being

* Centering and resetting your nervous system during the day

*Nurturing quality moments with nature

*Practices for embodying intuition as a divine gift

                                                 Join us 

Connect with like-minded women on a shared journey

of self-discovery and transformation,

fostering a supportive community of growth and healing


Benefit from the wisdom of seasoned practitioners and teachers

with years of experience in energy work and holistic wellness.

A replay will be available for 24 h for the participants

Your facilitators

"I inspire women to awaken the depths of their inner wisdom and embrace life as conscious human beings. It is a journey to connect with your energy and harmonize its flow to live an empowered and embodied life.”

“I hold space for women to embody and manifest their vision from a space of clarity. I am a Co-creator of Moon Seeds lunar and menstrual planner.”

"I guide people to have direct experiences of the inner realms, discovering their own being as a microcosm of the Earthly universe. I teach co-creative meditation and movement alchemy to realize our deepest potential."

Sign up for the Free Masterclass

and  receive the PDF !

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