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Online women circle


Join our monthly sisters circle with womxn from all over the World. We gather every new moon to support each other, get  astrological updates and the new moon forecast and share in intimacy our fears, desires and our new moon intention. This is a great opportunity to bring questions about the menstrual work or receive any kind of support. The gathering is FREE and happens on Zoom every new moon. English, Italian, Spanish and French speaking are welcome!!


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Menstrual Work

To walk together doesn't mean to guide but to allow someone to find their own power again, to find themselves and finally walk without crutches (or help). Why do this work? To know yourself better, to understand the origins of pain and be able to relive them, to accept your body , to connect with being a woman and to have some extra tools.

Silvia Sabia

Bioneuroemocion® Sessions

Bioneuroemoción® is a humanist method based on revealing a deeper comprehension of perceiving  the world with an aim of making our reality and that of others a better one. It comes from scientific, humanistic, philosophy  disciplines that study emotions and their relationship with beliefs, perception, body and interpersonal relationships. It’s main objective is to make a difference on emotional health.

Silvia Sabia

Illustrations on Commission

An illustration  on commission is born where your vision and mine become one to create something unique. Each drawing, using oil technique, or acrylic or even simple colored pencils, is created with care and love. It becomes alive with symbols and sacred chants. I use 160 gram cotton paper or canvas in different dimensions. A perfect gift for a birth or a special event.

Silvia Sabia

1:1 Soul Journey

Moon Walk, Sacred Portal and Magic Within

are the coaching offering that Ela is invite you to surrender to. If you feel stuck, lost , indecisive or are ready to embrace the journey or motherhood this modality of coaching you will help you explore your internal world with metaphor work and dive into a deeper journey, similar to what we would call a shamanic realm of existence. 

Learn more at 1:1 coaching

Silvia Sabia
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