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2 oz of wonderful blend of all organic herbs, specific and special for supporting women's your nervous system, vitamins intake and womb wellness.  Delicious in taste and rich in flavor, this blend is more effective if it is left brewing overnight or at least for a few hours, especially for the nettles to release all their minerals and proteins. But can also be brewed and drank as a normal tea. 

This tea is perfect for premenstrual and menstrual phases since provides the nutrients, the minerals and the proteins you need and also tonifies the uterus with the raspberry leaves.

Optimal to drink during the all cannot have too much!


* organic nettles

* organic alfa alfa

* organic oat straw

* organic raspberry leaves

* organic red clover

* organic rose

* organic lemon balm

*organic spearmint


If you are pregnant or nursing, please ask your midwife.

The packaging is made of compostable corn.

Nourishing Moon Tea USA

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