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Moon Walk Bundle

Three 1:1 session + free Moon Seeds planner 2023 and journal

  • 3 hours
  • 222 US dollars
  • zoom meeting

Descrizione del servizio

This offering is designed to guide you deeper into your new moon intention and being able staying connected to what you want to achieve both on an emotional and practical level. With the help of Ela, a certified Soul-based Coach, you will be able to explore your new moon intention and discover what are the symbols, tools and strategies to manifest your intentions. In the safe of container of Soul -based Coaching you will explore your internal world with the metaphor work which enables you to dive into a deeper journey close to what we would call a shamanic realm of existence. You will be able to decide to work with three sessions on one intention during the month or work on three intention during the course of the year. Not familiar with the new moon intention? You will learn all about it on the Planner, however we use the power of the new moon to set an intention for a change we want to achieve within us, so that can manifest also in the external reality! If you need more information, connect with Ela at or visit her website

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