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Pelvic Massage

Aggiornamento: 13 mar 2022

The vagina is a muscle. As such, it tends to accumulate tension in the tissues as a result of strong emotions, trauma, pregnancy, childbirth or simply due to everyday stress.

The pelvic floor is a neglected area, perhaps because it is hidden or because it is connected both with sexuality and urination. We can refer to the vagina and the pelvic floor as the "pelvic bowl", which, being one of the most important centers in the woman's body, holds unprocessed emotions and tension.

Pelvic therapy or vaginal self-massage can relax muscle tension in the pelvic floor, healing the tissues, increasing cell flow and restoring the balance of the pelvic area. Although this massage is not of a sexual nature, it can release both physical and psychological tensions related to sexuality and increase the sensitivity of the area.

The pelvic bowl is our creative center in all meanings. Connecting with it is very important and can have an effect in our life and artistic expression. Pelvic therapy is used in women with serious problems such as uterine prolapse or incontinence, many of which can be avoided by taking care of their pelvic floor.

The massage can be practiced regularly or when you feel the need, there are no rules.If you feel uncomfortable or tense, don't be discouraged, do what you can effortlessly and start reconnecting with this intimate part of yourself.

The Technique:

1-Find a comfortable position that allows you to access the pelvic bowl, for example lying on one side with the leg slightly bent; insert your index finger or thumb and gently massage the pelvic walls, observing the reactions of your body. Avoid the part of the urethra and anus which are very sensitive or use a very delicate touch.

2-The first few times you try this massage, just notice what happens and what sensations you perceive when you touch the inner walls of the vagina. Play with the pressure and massage your muscles as if you were sculpting a clay statue. Then try increasing the pressure and accompanying with deep breaths to relax the part you are massaging. Even slight changes in muscle tension will make a difference in the balance of the pelvic area.

3- You can use circular movements or constant pressure in the points with more tension, as if you were massaging any part of the body. Try to explore and work in all areas of the pelvic floor by moving from the entrance to the vagina inwards.

4 - When you think you have finished the massage, breathe deeply, listen to the sensations and thank yourself and your body for this healing experience.

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