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Higher Self and Ego

Aggiornamento: 31 mag 2021

The concept of Higher Selfis often found in spiritual teachings and philosophies.

What does it refer to? How can we find it within ourselves?

The Higher Self, is indeed our true nature and is that part of ourselves that doesn’t get affected by worries, attachments, and thoughts about the past and future. It is that part that resides in peace, joy and in the present moment.

Even though it seems to be far and difficult to attain, we all experience it during our day, or life, even also for brief moments: during a sunset, a relaxing evening or through meditation. An experience that can help us connect with this sensation of peace and silence, is to sit in a comfortable position and ask the question “Where is my next thought coming from?”. This is Koan, a paradox used by buddhist tradition to trick the mind.

The mind in the effort of finding an answer has to interrupt its flow: that moment of pause and emptiness is our true nature, the Higher Self.

On the other side of the coin is the Ego, that is represented by the mind with her stories, worries and fears; it is that part of us that needs to control because it fears the unknown and judgments from others and from itself. The Ego is that part that experiences and operates in duality, the one who believes in good and bad; conviction that makes him sensitive to fear of failure and triggers dynamics of control of reality.

It is in the duality that suffering resides: without judgment there is no right or wrong, there is no suffering.When we identify with the higher Self we create a distance between us and what is happening out there, and this allows life to have an easier flow because the fear is not an obstacle to it.

All I can observe and experience is a projection of my Ego, so it is not Me.

Emotions and thoughts become “objects” which do not identify me, even though they are part of my experience: I Am only an observer.

We can practice this prospective every day in every moment, and learn to consider the Ego as a function of the unity of mind/body/soul, that allows us to be part of this three dimensional reality, without letting it be in control of our lives.

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