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Bleeding on the Earth

There is an ancient Hopi prophecy that states, “When the womxn give their blood back to the earth, men will come home from war and earth shall find peace.”

This gives you a hint of the power of our menstrual blood and the reasons why we want to inspire the ritual of bleeding on the Earth.

In Moon Seeds 2021 we talked about the blood offering and gave some tips on how to collect your blood and offer it to your plants or to the Earth. One of the reasons to practice this ritual is to feel the connection and the sense of belonging to the Earth that comes from sharing with her this part of ourselves that is charged with our energy and life force.

This practice gives us the opportunity to connect and give back to our planet on a very tangible level : our fluids mixed in with the soil and we become One with her.

We are literally nourishing our Mother with our gift, considering that blood contains three primary plant macronutrients—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and it is a great fertilizer.

A very direct and powerful way of giving this offering is bleeding directly on the soil, squatting on the ground and letting the blood flow.

Since period blood usually comes in waves, if you don’t wear a tampon or a menstrual cup you will feel the blood coming, which is a great awareness and inner connection practice in itself. Find a private spot in nature ( if you live in the city you might have to hide behind a it!), maybe near a tree, possibly take off your shoes to connect with the dirt beneath you and take a moment to breathe, feel the connection with the elements around you. Gift yourself the possibility to let your blood flow and with that, all that you don’t need anymore, watch it being absorbed by the soil: you are part of it all and you can make your contribution giving your own energy! Pacha Mama will be delighted! What do you feel? What does such a practice bring up for you?

This ritual is very simple but can help us get in touch with the wild part of ourselves, the one where the instinct, the intuition, the ancient knowledge reside and give us the possibility of being free in our feminine power! For how many years womxn have been told to be impure and dirty when that same blood is connected to some of the more powerful magic of creation?!

I believe this, together with other practices, can help us heal our lineage and take back the importance of our role as creators of life, as the holders of an incredible power that goes beyond the, already pretty incredible, miracle of growing a human being in our womb.

We really are the keepers of the Earth and we can claim that power!

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