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Our Vision

We are womxn like you. All coming from a background of strong connection with the Earth and the elements, with a common passion for soul searching and healing of the body and emotional patterns. We came together with the idea and the need of creating a tool that would remind us every day of connecting with our body and our soul as much as with the universe and the planets. We felt that our sacred wombs, too long ignored and forgotten, needed to receive attention, love and healing. With humbleness we took on the mission of reminding our sisters of their divine nature and bringing exercises and information that can awaken this memory of belonging to the earth and the universe, to facilitate tapping into their power and embrace their sacred feminine.

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Our Philosophy


Moon Seeds it’s a project born from the dream of four womxn in co-creation with an astrologer, artist and shamans from around the world. Inspired from a desire for cooperation and a will to create a web of womxn that will awaken the feminine energy that has been silenced in a society that fails to fully recognize us in our harmonious, complex and cyclical nature.

We see the importance of reconnecting to the natural cycles and rhythms of life as a means to integrate the needs of our body, mind and soul. We are dedicated to self discovery and the unity of the World, integrating both our intuition and our rational mind.  We love to share the teachings we have discovered and found useful along our life path,  a long journey toward the Self and the Other.

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