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Moon Walk

What is the Moon Walk?

This offering is designed to guide you deeper into your new moon intention, being able staying connected to your vision and mature the changes that you want to see in your life both on an emotional and practical level.

Together with Ela, your coach, you will be able to combine the power of the new moon intention and the power of Soul-based coaching to discover what are the symbols, tools and strategies to manifest your growth.

In the safe of container of Soul -based Coaching you will explore your internal world through the metaphor work, which enables you to dive into a deeper journey close to what we would call a shamanic realm of existence.



Not familiar with the new moon intention? You will learn all about it on the Moon Seeds planner that come for FREE with the session, however we use the power of the new moon to set an intention for a change we want to achieve within us, so that can manifest also in the external reality!


I am Erica Ela, certified Soul-based Coach and your guide for the Moon Walk. I would love to hold space for you on a journey within that will allow you to discover deep wisdom and self-healing.

Explore the way of feminine coaching together with the support of the energy of the new moon to mature the changes that you have been seeking.

What is Soul-based Coaching?

Soul based coaching is a work based on a feminine way of approaching life, healing, and change. This technique is suitable to any challenges and for people who want to explore new ways of being, a shift of energy or a new direction. The depth of this work reminds me of a shamanic journey in the way it works with the subconscious realms of existence. The sessions together will help you prepare the river bed where the flow of energy can run free and bring the change that you want to achieve. Life is a ritual, and I believe that if we treat it as one, we can play with the elements of our magic and wisdom within to discover the steps we need to take to manifest the life we want and become the best version of ourselves.


Working with Ela

Kaci, USA

Working with Ela and SBC was a transformative bridging between talk therapy and my imagination. Rather than relying solely on words to get me through a challenging time, I was guided to represent my everyday challenges in the form of visualizations, whose symbolism provided a deeper resonance to my healing than words or advice alone. 

Laura Jayne, Australia

“In the week leading up to my session with Ela I was feeling a lot of anxiety & confusion, but as soon as Ela opened up the space a beautiful calm washed over me. In our session together, I was guided to find the places in my body where I was storing the energy I needed to support myself & I have been tuning into these places for support regularly since then. My session with Ela helped me a lot, she created a safe & supportive space & at the end I felt grounded, heard & held. I would highly recommend a session with Ela to anyone.” 

Scarlet, Australia

The metaphor work I did with Ela helped me deeply connect with my spiritual self and understanding of pregnancy and birth when all other practitioners were focusing so much on the medical aspects. The rich metaphors lead to imaginary and mantras that were with me and which I heavily relied upon throughout my birth process. I would lift my fist in the air and channel the strength of my ancestors and all birthing women who came before me. The work we did has helped me step into my power as a strong mother. Thank you Ela,

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