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Moon Seeds 2023

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  • About 250 pages in A5 format

  • ​Eco-paper printed in small batches in Italy

  • ​Lunar & Menstrual diagram

  • Monthly New Moon Forecast

  • Personal Diary

  • ​Herbal Wisdom

  • Articles about:

    • Womxn's Health

    • ​Awareness & Spiritual Growth

    • ​Rituals

    • World Culture & Much More!


Connection with the Moon

 As womxn, the Moon is the planet that more represents us and to which we are more connected. Her energy moves the waters and so the blood within us. Connecting with her phases is connecting with ourselves. Moon Seeds guides you into the opportunity to dive into a deep work of healing and self awareness, using the power of the New Moon Intention and Full Moon Release, that will allow you to work every day on those emotional patterns you want to  change.

Lunar and Menstrual Spiral

Connecting with our womb as a sacred vessel is at the base of well being and balance of a woman. Recognizing the role of the phases of the menstrual cycle will allow you to discover the flow of energy and creativity, tapping into your full power and inner wisdom. Each one of the menstrual phases symbolizes a different identity that wants to be acknowledged and taken care of, so you can develop a relationship of mutual help and support. The connection between body and mind is unbreakable: a balanced mind will support a balanced body and vice versa.

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herbal wisdom.png

Earth Wisdom

Womxn and plants have always had a special connection. The nature of some plants is surprisingly in tune with the feminine nature , and will bring back balance to the hormones or will alleviate menstrual discomfort on the physical level but also on the emotional one. The needs of plants and womxn are somehow connected. We cannot deny that this connection has been there for centuries and that the womxn has developed an instinct to care , protect and recognition for the plants.

13 Clan Mothers & Journal Prompts

This year the main thread that leads us through the 13 months journey is inspired by the 13 Clan Mothers, oral tradition of the native culture and written tradition by Jaime Sams.

Articles wrote by experts will tell us their point of you about those wonderful stories of the feminine incarnation into this world. Together with the reading, journal prompts are suggested to go even more in depth of the wisdom and the learning of this lessons.


Articles and Art Work

Part of the vision of Moon Seeds is to inform and inspire our readers. Every year we propose numerous articles of different interest: from health to sexuality, from social and cultural knowledge to transpersonal psychology and emotional healing. Those are invitations to further studies and research, so our sisters can take care of their body, mind and soul and be able to walk in this life with harmony, balance and wisdom. Furthermore, beautiful art work as been donated by talented artists.

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