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Moon seeds is entirely Created by us. The ideas, the graphic design, the articles (apart from a few external collaborations), the illustrations (also with the help of other artists)...we work all year to create an original, useful and beautiful tool. We continue to learn and educate ourselves to bring the best we can.

Moon Seeds is a small, growing, aware, magical, empowered and self managed company created by amazing wonderful YOU!!

Our Vision

We are womxn like you. All coming from a background of strong connection with the Earth and the elements, with a common passion for soul searching and healing of the body and emotional patterns. We came together with the idea and the need of creating a tool that would remind us every day of connecting with our body and our soul as much as with the universe and the planets. We felt that our sacred wombs, too long ignored and forgotten, needed to receive attention, love and healing. With humbleness we took on the mission of reminding our sisters of their divine nature and bringing exercises and information that can awaken this memory of belonging to the earth and the universe, to facilitate tapping into their power and embrace their sacred feminine.



Silvia Sabia: was born in a Middle-earth called Basilicata in July 1984. She graduated in Industrial Design at the Sapienza University of Rome and soon took off for ten years of travel, life and teaching that culminated in Mexico. This magical land offers her the opportunity to stop and study Naturopathy, Thai yoga massage (which she will then deepen in Thailand) and other holistic techniques aimed at creating an eclectic approach to health. In 2016 she participated in the first Circle of Women in Oregon and decided to study Menstrual Therapy. She currently lives in France, in the Pyrenees and is completing a course in Bioneuroemcion® from Enric Corbera's school which will allow her to accompany her own and others' emotional processes. Her mission in life is to refine her connection with herself more and more, thus healing every relationship, and to learn to walk in love.


If you look for a personalized illustration for a special event, for a special someone...or just for you!


If you want to understand the origin of a stress or a physical symptom and you are looking for a shift of perception.

Menstrual Work

If you are looking to reach a better connection with your cycle or  you have painful cramps and you need emotional support or herbal advice

Contact me

Write me an e mail and I will get in touch with you ASPS!


Erica Bartoli: was born in Rome in October 1982. She has been living  in southern Oregon in the United States for 7 years with her daughters, where she is an active part of the community and hosts a Women's Moon Circle every month. As a Transpersonal Rebirthing Therapist, and Certified Soul -based Coach , offers sessions in person and online. After graduating in Cognitive Psychology at “La Sapienza” in Rome, she embarked on numerous trips around the world. Those experiences expand her knowledge related to the work of self-awareness and spiritual practices. Over the past three years she has been working with Pali Summerlin, a spiritual teacher known in the United States and Europe, enriching her spiritual path and her knowledge of transpersonal psychology. She continues today the precious journey towards the discovery of The Self.

Moon Walk

Bundles of 1:1 coaching to work on the new moon intention together with a free planner + journal.

Choice of one, three or twelve sessions.

Soul-based Coaching

"Magic within"

1:1 life coaching sessions to dive within you own wisdom and discover how you can get closer to the best version of yourself!

Soul-based Coaching
"Sacred Portal"

1:1 session for pregnant womxm to prepare to Motherhood and birth with a delicate but effective  method.

Web site

Visit my web site to know more about my work and my self!


Marta Sarti:

 was born in December 1990 in Italy in a small town in the woods of the Apennines where her connection with deep ecology and spiritual research developed. She attended the University of Anthropological Sciences in Bologna, and continued her life experience with trips to Mexico and other countries of the world. After an experience between life and that expands her vision and understanding of reality Marta received a diploma in “Counselor in Herbal Sciences and Psychosomatic Phytotherapy” at the Unipsi school in Turin and created  the “Progetto Selva Viva, deep ecology paths”. She participated in the formation of the "Curanderia Condivisione e Sanazione" project and in the co-creation of the first Festival of medical music in Italy "Armonie In Canto"

Now she is part of a company that sells aromatic and medicinal plants in the “Aromatiche” project and  she has just started the joyful journey of motherhood .

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