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Who I am 

She draws with passion and instinct since she is 3 years old, her teacher decider not to give her a paper sheet. I have been travelling for years and  never dedicated too much time to art, but now, thanks to Moon Seeds, I am able to unite artistic techniques to my vision of femininity and spirituality. At the moment I live in the Pyrenees. 


Buffalo Woman

Illustration for Moon Seeds 2021.

Having to choose between 13 Goddesses, Buffalo Woman was the one calling to me because of the strong connection I feel with Native American and Mexican traditions and "medicine", since I have been pipe holder and Moon Dancer in the circle of Abuela Tonalmin.


Illustration for Moon Seeds 2021.

In this drawing I gathered the beauty of the light and the shadow of the feminine cyclicity.


Las etapas de la Mujer

Illustration for the cover of Moon Seeds 2021.

Honoring our lineage, the womxn of our family and our connection with them, giving thanks for what we are and for what we have received from them.



Illustration for the birth of a girl.

This drawing express the visionary process of a mother in communication with the baby in the womb and their connection with my artistic process.

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